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    Mar 10, 2016

    23 Regional Food Chains That Really Should Go National

    With liberty and delicious burgers for all.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which local and regional food chains desperately need to expand to the rest of America. Here are the very tasty results!

    1. Wawa

    Where you can get it: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida

    Menu faves: Meatball hoagie, buffalo chicken bits, every kind of coffee

    It has hoagies, snacks, great coffee, some/most have low gas prices, and they're practically open 24/7! - Laura Brown, Facebook

    Wawa is a gift from God and everyone should experience it. - gjk5132

    2. Cook-Out

    Where you can get it: Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Maryland

    Menu faves: Hamburgers, BBQ and Cheerwine floats

    Everything is delicious and low prices and SO GOOD. You want a hot dog? You got it. Chicken nuggets? Burgers? Fries? Cheerwine floats? YOU BET. Quesadillas? HELL YES. - meeravaishnavir

    3. Runza

    Where you can get it: Nebraska

    Menu faves: Cinnamon rolls, chili and "runzas," which are sandwiches stuffed with beef, pork, cabbage or sauerkraut, and onions

    It’s basically like a warm and toasty hamburger burrito, but in a bun all around instead of a tortilla. The French fries are amazing and absolutely to die for. Always golden, and crinkled with the perfect amount of salt. How Runza is always overlooked on these things breaks my little Nebraskan heart. - tiffc3

    4. Chick-Fil-A

    Where you can get it: mostly in the southeastern U.S.

    Menu faves: Waffle fries, spicy chicken sandwich and chicken biscuits

    I don’t agree with their stance on gay marriage, but their food is delicious and they're closed Sundays! (Having worked retail and fast food in high school and college, I fully support employees being given a consistent day off every week) - laurah4f1715dc0

    5. Portillo's

    Where you can get it: Primarily in Chicago

    Menu faves: Maxwell street style hot dog, bacon burger, chocolate cake

    Cake shakes from there are a goddamn national treasure. - teddy42

    6. Publix

    Where you can get it: The southeastern U.S.

    Menu faves: Chicken tenders sub, Italian sub, Cuban sub

    If the Publix deli could somehow franchise out into a chain, it would be life-changing for every displaced Floridian. - Jason Bowman, Facebook

    Every time I visit Atlanta, I get upset when I have to go back to Ohio and suffer without Publix subs. - CA Brown, Facebook

    7. Taco Cabana

    Where you can get it: Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico

    Menu faves: Steak fajita plates, chicken tacos and breakfast burritos

    It is absolutely legit tex-mex, with a drive through, and usually open 24 hours, so you can yell for tacos from the backseat of your DD's car. - Isabella Mansfield, Facebook

    8. Culver's

    Where you can get it: primarily in the Midwest

    Menu faves: crinkle fries, cheese curds and "flavor of the day" ice cream.

    Frozen custard, butter burgers, and FRIED CHEESE CURDS for everyone!!! Plus they say, “Welcome to Delicious” everytime you go through the drive-thru. - k45d21c2d5

    9. First Watch

    Where you can get it: Eastern U.S.

    Menu faves: Floridian french toast, carrot cake pancakes, Bacado omelet

    First Watch is a great place for inexpensive, relatively healthy brunch. - Breanna Ingram, Facebook

    Their pancakes are the size of a huge dinner plate!!!! - Ashley Alverson, Facebook

    10. Whataburger

    Where you can get it: Southern U.S.

    Menu faves: Avocado bacon burger, honey butter chicken biscuit, onion rings

    Perfect burgers. Chicken tenders come with gravy. 2 a.m. taquitos. 'Nough said. - Violoop

    11. Raising Cane's

    Where you can get it: Mostly in Louisiana

    Menu faves: chicken fingers, Texas toast, fries

    I get serious withdrawals any time I venture too far from the south for their chicken fingers, toast, and Cane's sauce. - Catherine Burleigh, Facebook

    12. Noodles & Company

    Where you can get it: 31 states

    Menu faves: Pad thai, pesto cavatappi and mac & cheese

    "It was actually my first meal after I could eat again when I had my jaw wired shut." - Joel Browdy, Facebook

    13. Pollo Tropical

    Where you can get it: Florida, Georgia, Tennesse and Texas

    Menu faves: TropiChop, waffle fries, sweet plantains

    No chicken has ever matched “chicken on the grill!" - marlynv

    14. In-N-Out

    Where you can get it: Primarily in the Western and Southwestern U.S.

    Menu faves: Animal style fries, double double and vanilla shake

    I grew up on the west coast and then moved to the east coast, and my family has legitimately planned road trips and vacation routes around hitting every possible In-N-Out along the way since we left. - avidreader77

    15. Bojangles'

    Where you can get it: North Carolina and all over the Southeast

    Menu faves: Dirty rice, bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, and picnic grits

    No living soul should be more than an hour’s drive from a Bojangles. Those biscuits…OMG! And their breakfast sandwiches — McD’s can’t hold a candle to those. - djvance

    16. Rita's Italian Ice

    Where you can get it: 25 states

    Menu faves: Chocolate custard, piña colada ice, Misto shake

    My family likes to go there around once a week in the summer because it is THAT good. - alexisc48cba64bc

    17. Burgerville

    Where you can get it: Washington and Oregon

    Menu faves: Shoestring fries, pepper bacon cheeseburger, mocha milkshake

    Organic burgers, fish and chips, and awesome seasonal smoothies and milkshakes! - grammarpolice16

    18. Zaxby's

    Where you can get it: The Southeast

    Menu faves: Texas toast, chicken fingers, birthday cake shake

    I moved way up north for college, and every time I visit home, I buy 20 sides of Zax sauce to bring back to school with me. - karlys3

    19. Waffle House

    Where you can get it: Mostly in the South

    Menu faves: pecan waffle, smothered hash browns, bottomless coffee

    I am from TN and nothing compares to childhood memories there. - Ashlie Stargazer Vaughn, Facebook

    There's a dozen places in New York where a Waffle House would definitely thrive! - Eli Dardis, Facebook

    20. Eegee's

    Where you can get it: Arizona

    Menu faves: ranch fries, frozen drinks, subs

    I hate Tucson, but I miss that place every day. —k428f41efe

    It's kind of like a slushie, kind of like crushed ice ... but not. It's really good and the store also has sandwiches. —Ruby Velez, Facebook

    21. Braum's

    Where you can get it: Oklahoma and surrounding states

    Menu faves: Peppermint ice cream, banana split, four-cheese burger

    Holy shit, their milkshakes are to die for and their burgers taste like heaven. Add the mini store inside them, and I'm set for life. - j44576e717

    I wish Braum's would spread out some, even though I know all their stores are within 300 miles of the dairy. If I move any further south than DFW, I won't be able to get that fresh ice cream goodness. - Sydney Anderson, Facebook

    22. Shake Shack

    Where you can get it: NYC, Miami, L.A., and other big cities

    Menu faves: 'Shroom Burger, cheese fries, concretes

    After moving to NC, I’ve realized I took having one so close to me in Boston for granted! - chandlerf451f42b1a

    23. Eat 'N' Park

    Where you can get it: Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia

    Menu faves: Fried cheese sticks, Philly cheesesteak, smiley cookies

    Think Denny’s, but way better quality! - Luxacious

    I would straight up drink their homemade ranch. - Bailey Ellis, Facebook

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