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Updated on Aug 7, 2020. Posted on Mar 2, 2016

19 People Who Will Be Laughing As The World Burns

Evil is all around us.

1. Whoever designed these stairs.

2. Sweatshirt guy.

3. The anarchist behind the white flyer.

4. Whoever tweeted this "meal."

5. The inventor of the MOST MADDENING GAME EVER.

6. The makers of these.

7. Whoever packaged these Harry Potter books.

8. Someone who just wanted to have fun in the produce department.

9. This coffee shop that is evil. So evil.

10. The person who took the first brownie LIKE THIS.

11. The person who decided to put the TP ~there~.

12. Whoever diabolically labeled this door.

13. The anarchists who took their office stapler on a journey.

14. The person who set up this very symmetrical prank.

15. Whoever made this breakfast out of yogurt, a peach, and an apple.

16. This UPS man who DGAF.

17. This savage Capri-sun consumer.

18. The monster who did this.

19. And the person who put this box there.

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