Watch 15 Celebrities Speak In Other Languages

Oh, just Sandra Bullock pontificating in fluent German, NBD.

1. Mila Kunis speaking Russian:

Kunis moved with her family from Ukraine to Los Angeles at the age of 7 and grew up bilingual.

2. Sandra Bullock speaking German:

Sandra’s mother was a German opera singer, and her parents met while her dad was stationed in Nuremberg.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow speaking Spanish:

Paltrow traveled to Spain as a teenager and fell in love with both the country and its language: “When I was 15, I went to a small town outside Talavera de la Reina and I had the most wonderful experience. It really changed my life.”

4. Natalie Portman speaking Hebrew:

Portman was born in Jerusalem and moved to America with her family at age 3, where she attended a Jewish elementary school and learned to speak Hebrew. Her maternal ancestors were Jewish immigrants to the United States from Austria and Russia, and her paternal grandparents were Jews who moved to Israel from Poland and Romania.

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt speaking French:

JGL studied French poetry during his time at Columbia University and became an almost-fluent French speaker.

6. Charlize Theron speaking Afrikaans:

A native of South Africa, Theron’s first language is Afrikaans. She moved to New York with her mother as a teenager.

7. Colin Firth speaking Italian:

Firth first learned Italian to impress his in-laws: the parents of his now-wife Livia Giuggioli.

8. Diane Kruger speaking German:

Born Diane Heidkrüger, Kruger grew up in Germany, where she got her start as a model and eventually, an actor. She also speaks fluent French.

9. Zoe Saldana speaking Spanish:

Saldana, whose late father was Dominican and whose mother is Puerto Rican, grew up in Queens and the Dominican Republic and spoke Spanish and English as her first languages.

10. Shakira speaking FIVE different languages:

As she told Greta Van Susteren in 2010: “I started touring in Brazil when I was 18 years old and that’s how I picked up the language really quickly, Portuguese, in two months, yes. English, I had an American boyfriend once, and that helps. And working in the studio. And Italian, just by going back to Italy and meeting all the people and diving in the pool of language.”

11. Jodie Foster speaking French:

Foster attended a French-language prep school, the Lycée Français de Los Angeles, and often worked in France as a teenager. What’s even cooler is that she’s dubbed herself in French-language versions of most of her films.

12. Ben Affleck speaking Spanish:

Ben and his younger brother Casey learned Spanish while living in Mexico and during film stints in that country. (OK, so he sounds a LITTLE rusty.)

13. Johnny Depp speaking French:

Depp lives in France now and has picked up the language, but it’s rare to hear him actually speaking in French, like in this clip from 2004’s Happily Ever After. (Skip to 3:45 for the good stuff.)

14. Kim Cattrall speaking German:

Kim learned to speak German fluently while living in Germany with her second husband, Andre J. Lyson, in the ‘80s.

15. And of course, Bradley Cooper speaking French:

Cooper did a university exchange program in the southern French town of Aix-en-Provence as a student. He’s still quite fluent!

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