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    21 Pictures That Will Make Everyone From Florida Say "OMG, Yes"

    Shady parking spot >>>>>>>> close parking spot.

    1. When the ground is SO HOT but you still have to get from the beach to your car:

    2. This very real threat.

    3. Trying to find the deli counter in what feels like a foreign country.

    4. Driving on the east coast:

    5. That one day it goes below 70 degrees.

    6. People who haven't really heard of this whole "blinker" concept:

    7. Or, during season, the opposite:

    8. Florida weather in one picture:

    9. This very accurate truth:

    10. When it actually frosts and everyone freaks out.

    11. When people from out of state freak out about alligators:

    12. Getting into your car on a summer day:

    13. And how you have to drive when you forgot to park in a shady spot:

    14. Decorating for the holidays.

    15. Flying home after vacation:

    16. The Great Wall of OJ:

    17. A tale of two tan lines:

    18. When someone with an out-of-state license plate is driving horribly:

    19. When you leave any place of business:

    20. REALLY catching 'em all.

    21. And when you know the real fear is all around us.