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30 Yummy Vegetarian Takes On Classic Meat Dishes

Thanks to meat-free poutine and carrot hot dogs, your old favorites are back with a veggie vengeance.

1. Vegetarian Poutine

Potatoes and cheese are the two major food groups, anyway. Recipe here.

2. General Tso's Veggie Bowls

Instead of chicken, this dish uses pan-fried seitan and broccoli! Recipe here.

3. Buffalo-Blue Curly Cheese Fry and Crispy Black Bean Burgers

You'll never settle for a limp Boca burger after OMG ARE THOSE CURLY FRIES. Recipe here.

4. Jalapeño-Cheese Corn "Dogs"

With awesomely melty pepper jack cheese and a crispy batter, these are like a spicy, more fun-to-eat mozzarella stick. Recipe here.

5. Vegetarian Jackfruit "Pulled Pork" Sandwich

This "BBQ" sandwich uses jackfruit, a tropical relative of the mulberry, in place of meat. So cool. Recipe here.

6. Charred Carrot Hot Dogs

It sounds odd, but you can cook a carrot in some Bragg's Liquid Aminos to give it a nice, toasty, smoky hot dog-esque flavor. Recipe here.

7. Veggie Polenta Lasagna

Where's the beef? No one cares, because POLENTA. Recipe here.

8. Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd's Pie

It's everything you love about shepherd's pie: mostly that heavenly ~slab~ of mashed potatoes. Recipe here.

9. Zucchini Keftedes With Feta And Dill

Traditional Greek keftedes are meatballs made with beef and lamb; these are tasty zucchini fritters. Serve with dolmas and olives! Recipe here.

10. Vegetarian Pho

One of the hardest parts of eating vegetarian is avoiding beef and chicken broth. Solution? Make your own pho using delicious edamame and tons of veggie stock. Recipe here.

11. Caprese Benedict With Basil Hollandaise

Leave the ham, take the eggs. Recipe here.

12. Spicy Lentil Vegan Sloppy Joes

All the messy joy of a traditional sloppy joe. Recipe here.

13. Tofu Fish and Chips

Is that...tofush? Recipe here.

14. Smoky Vegetarian Beet Reubens

Veggie reubens that swap tempeh for pastrami are a dime a dozen. This sandwich lets only earthy slices of beet flirt with all that yummy Swiss and sauerkraut. Recipe here.

15. Cauliflower Steaks With Olive Relish And Tomato Sauce

More like filet mig-NONE. Recipe here.

16. Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili with Avocado

Just give me the whole cauldron and a spoon and no one gets hurt. Recipe here.

17. Eggplant "Meatballs"

Give boring lentil balls the boot with this delicious eggplant mixture. Recipe here.

18. Vegetarian Egg McMuffin

A cute slice of portobello mushroom stands in for Canadian bacon. Recipe here.

19. Provencale Celeriac Paté Sandwich

All the creaminess of paté but without the, you know, livers. Recipe here.

20. Butternut Squash And Fontina Nachos With Crispy Sage

Delicious vegetarian nachos with nary a sad refried bean in sight. Recipe here.

21. Baked Buffalo Tempeh Tenders

Celery? Check. Blue cheese? CHECK. Meat? Nope nope nope. Recipe here.

22. Chickpea "Tuna" Salad

This fun mash of chickpeas, mayo, and some other goodies tastes almost like actual tuna. Recipe here.

23. Meatless Monte Cristo

Smoked cheddar and Swiss and strawberry jam, oh my! Recipe here.

24. Vegan "Fish" Sticks

The "fish" is actually hearts of palm, and you can use gluten-free breadcrumbs. Brilliant. Recipe here.

25. Vegetarian Ramen

It's already gluten-free; omit the egg and it's vegan! Recipe here.

26. Lobster Mushroom Rolls

The meaty texture of the lobster mushrooms is an excellent substitute for the real thing. Recipe here.

27. Zucchini Paella

The perfect late summer entreé. Recipe here.

28. TLTs (Vegetarian BLTs)

Marinate your own tempeh for this one! Recipe here.

29. Vegan Mushroom Bolognese


30. Coconut Bacon

I know, I know, but don't knock it until you try it. This stuff is seriously delicious (and has much less saturated fat!) Recipe here.

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