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Usain Bolt Has Never Run A Full Mile (What A Slacker)

So relatable, tbh.

This is Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. He's pretty fast.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

On Sunday, he won the men's 100-meter race with a time of 9.81 seconds.

But even though he's the world's fastest sprinter, Bolt rarely runs long distances.

Ian Walton / Getty Images

The New Yorker recently contemplated how long it would actually take Bolt to run a mile.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Their conclusion? About five minutes, which is obviously fast, but also pretty standard for any extremely well-conditioned runner.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

But we probably won't know anytime soon, because as Bolt's agent, Ricky Simms, confirmed to The New Yorker, "Usain has never run a mile.”

Carl De Souza / AFP / Getty Images


And there we have it, the only Usain Bolt fact that will make you say "same."

NBC / Via

(H/T Time)

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