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27 Donald Trump Vines That Will Make You Laugh-Cry

Yeah, you're going to want to watch these.

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1. Say it ain't so:

2. Hey now:

3. I like this font:

4. Giving Trump a hand:

5. At last:

6. "African-Americans love me!":

7. A LOT about trucks:

8. No more Oreos:

9. If Trump sounded like a baby:

10. Matilda:

11. This is why:

12. Donald Trump hates mosquitoes:

13. 75 minutes:

14. Foreign policy:

15. And aluminum:

16. I'M SORRY:

17. All over the world:

18. Exclusive interview:

19. I swear:

20. I love my:

21. Should be speaking English:

22. Changing the subject:

23. Trade deals:

24. Steady hands:

25. Boom boom boom:

26. All of the lights:

27. And honorable mention:

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