21 Horrifying And Terrifying Disney Cake Fails

Where dreams come true. NO, WAIT. NIGHTMARES.

1. Hopefully the child who got this was able to sleep at night.

2. Here’s Mickey Mouse as seen in the “after” photo in an anti-meth PSA.

3. The NSFW Disney Princesses.

4. The most forlorn Minnie Mouse ever.

5. Ariel with more realistic hair.

6. Rapunzel’s trail of…something?

7. This visit from demon Hannah Montana:

8. Maybe this is actually kind of a win?

9. “WOW,” this cake:

11. This Frozen tribute might actually hurt someone.

12. Nope to these Jonas Brothers.

13. More like Tinker Hell:

14. No, THIS is Tinker Hell.

15. Cinderella crossed with a pig face:

16. Hannah, whose body is inexplicably the size of Montana.

17. The Little Mermaid from the River Styx.

18. Belle the linebacker.

19. The Car that parked out in the sun for too long.

20. Under the sea, pretty much literally.

21. And Snow White wearing her hands as a scarf.

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