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    25 Totally Underrated Things About Being A Single Girl

    Did you know the entire box of Kraft Mac and Cheese fits in one bowl??

    1. Being single means never having to share the wine.

    2. OR the whiskey.

    3. You get a huge bed, just for one, all the time. All the time!


    4. You sleep — and wake up — on no one's schedule but your own.

    5. If you cared about your bra and underwear matching before, now you're free!

    6. You can flirt with anyone — ANYONE — you want.

    7. You have more time to have fun (and make trouble) with your girlfriends.

    8. Buying presents is way simpler now.

    9. And you don't have to be pretend to be interested in that thing your ex loved to talk about anymore.

    10. Getting dressed up JUST for you is the best feeling.

    11. Shaving every day? Not if you don't feel like it.

    12. You can check out whomever you want.

    You can even make the Samantha face while you do it.

    13. Saturday afternoon is time to get some work done...or get NO work done.

    14. You never get that "ugh, I have a boyfriend" feeling when you meet a cute new guy.

    15. You no longer have to participate in fake holidays.

    16. Single girl anthems make the best karaoke choices!

    17. You get to pick the movie, always.

    18. Or better yet, discover the joy in going to the theater and being left completely alone.

    19. No awkward moments over who's going to pick up the check this time.

    20. You know those couples who get into loud, dramatic fights with their S.O. in public?

    21. When all of your friends complain about their boyfriends, you're just like, "My boyfriend only requires batteries."

    22. You can travel the world! Explore new horizons! Or not.

    23. No one's going to complain if you just need to kick back and hate-watch some Bravo.

    24. You're comfortable in your own skin, so you don't need to date every single person who comes along just to *have someone.*

    25. ...but still, when you're single, there's always that fizzy potential that someone super amazing is just around the corner.