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    25 Totally Excruciating Silicon Valley Problems

    The struggle is real.

    1. Losing your drone:

    2. When your neighbor doesn't understand that you're trying to PIVOT right now.

    3. Coming face to face with plebeian fruit:

    Harsh working conditions in Silicon Valley


    Harsh working conditions in Silicon Valley

    4:57 PM - 31 Jan 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    4. Deciding which two Segways to take out for your morning stroll.

    5. Coming up with a fresh #meme for your Bitcoin billboard.

    6. When someone's parked in YOUR space:

    7. Forgetting to mine before you dine:

    8. This:

    9. Not knowing you got Zucked:

    10. Picking out a hilarious joke sticker for your wheels.

    Only in Silicon Valley. Spotted in a Tesla.

    11. When not all walls are writeable.

    12. Snagging the inspirational vanity plate of your dreams.

    13. Distractions making it hard to #disrupt from your home office.

    14. Deciding whether to save your VC money or spend it on prom.

    15. Picking out the perfect set of binary code window decorations:

    16. Choosing the right bumper sticker for your parents.

    17. Getting the perfect creepshot of your fellow diners:

    18. Deciding which color of hybrid to buy.

    19. When all the charging stations are being used by LESSER hybrids:

    20. Being in a city that doesn't even Uber.

    21. Figuring out which shack to buy with your millions.

    22. Expressing yourself with your own iHorse.

    23. Crushing it on branding:

    A prime example of why the bubble might burst one day. #siliconvalley #problems

    Noz Nozawa@noznozawa

    A prime example of why the bubble might burst one day. #siliconvalley #problems

    12:12 AM - 21 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    24. Trying to make your Honda fit in:

    25. Drowning in money you make by selling people different money.

    Until you're not.