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    21 Times Ben Feldman Could Get It

    Nipple gift bags excluded.

    1. When he chilled with a cool goat:

    2. When he acquiesced to Mindy's cultural tastes on The Mindy Project.

    3. And when he played "Teenage Dream" on the ukulele.

    4. When you watched A to Z and were like, "I refuse to believe that this isn't me."

    5. When he got dangerously close to Jon Hamm's sexy stubble:

    6. When he looked good even in Ginsberg's power clashing suits on Mad Men.

    7. AND when he had the pornstache.

    8. When he pulled off man-pris:

    9. When he boggled your mind with his ironic T-shirt.

    10. When he looked good on Silicon Valley despite wearing TWO man-necklaces and TWO man-bracelets.

    11. When he had the cutest dog on the planet:

    12. And when he hung out with some birds:

    13. When he looked cute even in that awkward Hilary Duff movie.

    14. When he was really cheesy in the Hilary Duff movie but you loved him anyway.

    15. When his cheeks were perfectly and ruggedly ruddy.

    16. When he posed with a bottle of soy sauce.

    Yeah... that’s not wine. #AtoZ

    17. When he patiently tolerated Stu.

    18. When he graced Lifetime with his shirtless presence.

    19. When he channeled you every time you look at the internet, but handsome-r.

    20. When you were like, "Let me comfort you, Ben!!!"

    21. And when he played the ukulele and this comment summed up everyone's emotions.