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    25 Things Only Broke College Students Understand

    *sells kidney to buy textbooks*

    1. Signing up for loans:

    2. The campus bookstore:

    3. When you get your first Sallie Mae bill:

    4. Going to the bar:

    5. Paying for anything:

    6. Nutrition:

    7. Cutting back on costs:

    8. Spring break:

    9. Healthcare:

    10. Going on job interviews:

    11. Security:

    12. Not having Apple Care:

    13. When it's your turn to pick up supplies:

    14. Parking tickets:

    15. The week after Halloween:

    16. Entertaining yourself:

    17. Starting another year in debt:

    18. Worrying about your major:

    19. Resourcefulness:

    20. Problem solving:

    21. Deciding not to go spend money at parties:

    22. Refusing to spend money on trash bags:

    23. Getting into the alumni notes even though you're still broke from your loans:

    24. When dorm furniture assembly costs extra:

    25. Graduation: