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This Is Why Brunettes Are The Absolute Greatest

Blondes may have more fun, but lol, OK.

Sooooo...we get it. We have brown hair.

It's not the most "exciting" hair color.


But having brown hair is actually really awesome. For starters, we're in some very classy company.

And we don't have to worry about hair roots.

We have that "hot librarian" thing going on.

Sure, blondes get Hillary.

But we get Jackie O.

Everyone knows Marilyn was a blonde.

But Audrey's one of us.

If being blonde is so great, then why do so many longtime blondes decide to go dark?

Ready for some data? A survey of 6,000 people found that brunettes earn higher salaries than blondes or redheads.

The same study found that 75% of people considered brunettes to be more intelligent.

A university in England sent a woman to three different nightclubs with her hair dyed red, blonde, and brunette, and guess who they rated most attractive AND intelligent?

People also perceive brunettes as making better friends and wives.

Another study found that men prefer a curvy brunette to a skinny blonde.

Need more proof? We get all the cool actresses, like Alison Brie.

And Mila Kunis.

And Jennifer Hudson.

And Alexis Bledel.

And Lizzy Caplan.

And Kerry Washington.

And Natalie Portman.

We even get the "Most Beautiful Woman in the World."

And guys know what's up: Don Draper went brunette.

So did this guy.

James Bond preferred dark-haired ladies.

And if the hottest man alive likes brunettes, you KNOW he's on to something.

You know who's always been brunette? Oprah.

So brunettes may be abundant, but that's only because we're abundantly awesome.

Your move, blondes.