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    43 Ways Pinterest's Office Is The DIY Paradise You'd Expect

    A coffee robot, heirloom tomatoes and tons of Legos meet cute at Pinterest's San Francisco-based headquarters.

    1. There are mini-striped hot air balloons.

    2. And a friendly welcome.

    3. A beam wearing a sweater.

    4. Ombre chairs.

    5. A wooden pallet coffee table:

    6. Pinterest pillows.

    7. Neon wall art.

    8. Conference rooms named after popular pins.

    9. A handy cereal and snack bar.

    10. An insanely well-stocked healthy snack fridge.

    11. A very polite coffee robot.

    12. A bike rack + a plant bike.

    13. Pantone-themed chairs.

    14. A printer that ain't in this for your revolution.

    15. Tons of natural light.

    16. A quiet room for napping or meditating.

    17. A CAR DESK.

    18. More wall art and some wooden swings that you can actually swing on.

    19. A DIY craft wall.

    20. A wine-themed conference room (yes please).

    21. A comfy DIY couch and an aloe plant.

    22. Funny signs.

    23. A "Push It" achievement wall.

    24. This wall featuring photos of pinners from around the world.

    25. Ryan Gosling, of course.

    26. A cozy bar area.

    27. A kale chips room guarded by moose.

    28. A cute and free library.

    29. More cool places to meet.

    30. Huge skylights.

    31. A wall-to-wall map depicting Pinterest's offices worldwide.

    32. This impeccably artsy photo wall.

    33. Sleek conference rooms.

    34. An add-yours Lego wall.

    35. Featuring this bee:

    36. This logo made out of perfectly spun Rubik's cubes.

    37. Teal craftiness.

    38. Rustic plant shelves.

    39. A motto.

    40. Quirky decor.

    41. A Pinterest foosball table.

    42. More Ryan:

    43. And a twee row of heirloom tomatoes.