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37 Things That Could Only Happen In Florida

Because LOL, Florida.

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1. This Jet Ski going through the drive-thru:

2. This llama getting arrested by the po-po:

3. This license plate:

4. This gator chowing down on a lawn mower:

5. This protest:

6. This gator house call:


7. This sign:

8. This Christmas tree made of walkers:

9. This real exhibit:

10. This important alarm:

11. ... and this contingency plan:

12. This DIY truck preaching:

13. This headline:

14. This Craigslist notice:

15. This lady:

16. This car decal:

17. This:

18. This:

19. This example of traffic anarchy:

20. THIS license plate:

21. This snowman, which probably melted after three seconds:

22. This daily dichotomy of skies:

23. Sir Gus:

24. This gator crossing:

25. The driver who got in this mess:

26. This cop standing by this notice with a Gators flag in the background:

27. This mobile suntanning spot:

28. This fireworks store:

29. This poorly executed car protest:

30. This ad:

31. This confused driver:

32. This mess:

33. Whatever happened here:

34. This seafood game:

35. This sign:

36. Eeek, this:

37. This:

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