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    Posted on Oct 3, 2013

    20 Things Dads Like

    "Honey, have you seen my cell phone holster?"

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    1. Wearing free T-shirts they got from work.

    2. Grilling.

    3. Asking, "Is your car running OK?" and then handing the phone off to your mom.

    4. Fiscal conservatism.

    5. Sirius radio.

    Especially the Guns N' Roses and Jimmy Buffett stations.

    6. Being goofy on vacation.

    7. Things from Brookstone.

    8. Cell phone holsters.


    Especially if they're from Brookstone.

    9. Frequent flyer miles.

    10. Being superstitious about sports.


    "If I don't personally cradle this football through every game, there's no way the Pats will win the Super Bowl!"

    11. Thrillers.

    12. Talking about how they smoked weed in college.

    "It was the '70s!"

    13. Being only OK at the internet.

    14. Napping.


    15. Home Depot.

    Aww <3

    16. Transition lenses.

    17. Taking a really long time in the bathroom.


    18. Driving past rest stops.

    "You can hold it all the way there."

    19. Funny coffee mugs.

    20. Playing.

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