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21 Very Real Struggles For Everyone Who Grew Up With Thick Hair

RIP every broken ponytail band.

1. When you forget to clean this up after your shower.

my wall after every shower #growingupwiththickhair

2. Spending all your money on these.

#growingupwiththickhair it's either one or the other

3. The horrible downside to traveling.

4. This:

#growingupwiththickhair this is too accurate

5. ~Trying~ to switch from ponytail to hair down.

6. One word: shedding.

[brushes hair once] #GrowingUpWithThickHair

7. When your hair tie makes its own extension.

8. Being responsible for several untimely comb deaths.

9. And brush decapitations.

10. Humidity.

11. Needing hair products from a young age.

#GrowingUpWithThickHair going through a whole bottle of this every time you brushed your hair after swimming

12. This:

#growingupwiththickhair everyone saying "thin hair is so annoying i want thick hair" and youre like

13. This is why you can't have nice things.

😫😫😫😫😫 I can't believe this just happened #Thickhairproblems

14. The eternal dilemma.

15. Staying at your S.O.'s house. 😰

16. Back when someone else had to be in charge of your hair.

17. Guarding your last one with your life.

18. When blow-drying is just not going to happen.

19. Building little hair knots on all of your bands.

20. Picking a hot enough temperature.

21. And going outside in the summer.