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If Disney Princesses Shopped At Your Favorite Stores

Ariel is SUCH a Brandy girl.

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Tiana — Madewell

A hard-working business guru, Tiana keeps her style sharp and tailored so she can focus on kicking ass. But.... that doesn't mean she's afraid of a pastel jean.

Cinderella — Vineyard Vines

Never caught dead without a headband, Cinderella runs around Nantucket all summer (where she's been known to ditch her silver Sperry topsiders to frolic in the grass) when she's not at her part-time job cleaning mansions.


Snow White — Lululemon

Snow White is a total health nut who's always munching on apples and admiring her delts in the mirror. That bow isn't just cute — it keeps her bangs out of her face during burpees.

Aurora — Victoria's Secret PINK

Aurora is a college freshman who loves being comfy (who doesn't??). She can usually be found kicking back in a PINK sweatshirt (ahhhh), leggings (feels so good!!!!), and Uggs (LIKE WALKING ON A DAMN CLOUD).

Pocahontas — Anthropologie

Pocahontas is a fan of big floppy hats and going barefoot, AND, a true hero, she has no qualms about entering the store and heading straight for the sale section.