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These Houston Bakers Trapped By Flooding Made Tons Of Free Bread For Harvey Victims

Humanity is awesome sometimes.

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The El Bolillo bakery is based in Houston, where Tropical Storm Harvey has caused record-level flooding and left entire communities underwater.

And they also did their part to make sure the city's residents had all the bread they could eat to ride out the storm.

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Unfortunately, four bakers who were working the night shift there on Friday were trapped inside for two days as the flooding outside got worse.

The bakery itself wasn't flooded, but the roads outside were, making it impossible for the staff to return home.

While they were trapped at work, employees decided to turn more than 4,000 pounds of flour into pan dulce to donate to victims of the flooding and local first responders.

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"For most of the time, they decided not to waste time and made as much pan dulce as they could," store manager Brian Alvarado told the Houston Chronicle.

"We're just one of many stories down here in Houston," Meagan Michaelis, the bakery owner's daughter, told BuzzFeed.

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"We are just doing what we know how to and what we can, that is to make bread, basic as it may be," she said. "We have helped feed a lot of people who couldn't get bread or milk."

El Bolillo's locations are still open and feeding hungry Houstonians.

(And the trapped workers got rescued on Monday.)