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    Behold, Someone Made Clear Pumpkin Pie

    What? How?

    Pumpkin pie is a gosh darned heckin' good American Thanksgiving tradition.

    But what if it weren't... orange? Or any color at all?


    Alinea chef Simon Davies said on Instagram that the pie is made using a rotary evaporator machine, which produces a liquid distillate of the flavor of your choosing.

    Naturally, some people on the World Wide Web are freaking out a wee bit.

    The clear pumpkin pie looks like a jello shot

    Clear Pumpkin pie makes me want to murder someone.

    Clear Pumpkin pie so you can see your family’s holiday dysfunction inside.

    Alinea also features cool stuff like EDIBLE BALLOONS...

    And this olive dish that is just blowing my mind.