The YouTube Comments On "Bodak Yellow" Are Actually Really Hilarious

    "This song makes me want to order Burger King and go to McDonald's to eat it."

    You've probably (definitely) heard the hit song "Bodak Yellow" by Cardi B if you own a smartphone, TV, radio, Snapchat login, Pandora account, or two tin cans connected by string because it's probably made it there, too.

    But did you know that the official video has some sort of magical power to purify YouTube comments, which are known for being a general trash fire, and make them actually funny?

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    People are commenting in the video's notes about all the badass stuff the song makes them want to do.

    Like go HAM in the bathroom.

    Or demand the waffle fries you deserve.

    They're all pretty hilarious, tbh.

    Wait. Is this the first YouTube comments meme??

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