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21 Things Everyone Who Wore Braces Will Definitely Remember

You can smell the pink goop like it was yesterday.

1. The dreaded PINK GOOP.

2. The hardest decision you'll ever make:

3. But always being too chicken to try neon yellow.

4. This view:

5. When you had to use these to hold your mouth open.

6. Eating your dinner very, VERY delicately while everyone else wolfed theirs down.

7. Sitting awkwardly and silently as the ortho pressed a tray of goop into what felt like your actual brain.

8. The blue glow of death.

9. The unstoppable agony of getting a power chain.

10. Having these suckers connect your jaws together.

11. And having these bags EVERY. WHERE.

12. And these little blue picks.

13. Getting asked some really brilliant questions.

14. Never leaving home without one of these.


16. "No, it's cool! I can eat corn on the cob, too!"

17. Going through so many toothbrushes. So many.

18. Telling the lie we all told.

19. And you knew they were always on to you.

20. Two words: SPACERS. DAY.

21. And just when you think you're done forever...