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The 23 Hottest TV Dads Of All Time

In very careful order, here are the hunkiest men to ever order someone to go wash their car.

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22. Rufus Humphrey, Gossip Girl

He cooks. He cleans. He somehow made enough money in a shitty '90s alt-rock band to afford a sweet-ass Dumbo loft. Just try to forget about the fact that his son is the douchiest person in Brooklyn, which is saying something.


17. Christopher Hayden, Gilmore Girls

David Sutcliffe played Rory's dad who briefly reunited -- and married -- Lorelai in season seven of Gilmore Girls. WORTH IT, LORELAI. WORTH. IT.


12. Kevin Hamilton, Awkward

I can't find Mike Faiola's age, but c'mon, this dude is way too young and hot to be playing a dad to a teenager, right? I guess that's my only complaint.


3. Sandy Cohen, The O.C.

Peter Gallagher oozed Greenpeace-y sex appeal as Sandy Cohen, the ultimate public defender and idealistic do-gooder marooned in the nouveau ditch of Newport Beach. Bonus handsome points for those two brilliant eyebrows.


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