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    The Hardest Word To Spell EVER

    The usj. Uzhe. Yoozh. Uj?

    It's a question as old as the English language itself.

    How do you spell the abbreviation for "the usual"?


    Even typing it just once forces you to pick a side.

    Urban Dictionary has this:

    And this.

    And... this?

    Someone on Quora said this.

    Yahoo! Answers has this.

    The Economist says this, and 86 people have liked it on Facebook, so maybe that's something.

    But "the ushe" just looks like an abbreviation for an usher.

    And spelling it "the us" is just confusing.

    Writing "yoozh" or "yooj" gets the "zh" sound in there, but it looks weird.

    Will your friends even know what "the ouge" means?

    So what do you do if you want to text or type "the usual," but you want to keep it cazh?