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The 33 Most Unfortunate Typos Of All Time

*full body cringe*

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1. This obituary for Knut, the baby polar bear:

2. This headline on a flag-disposal story:

3. This banner:

4. These instructions:

5. This menu:

6. This nerve-inducing prescription:

7. This news item:

8. This romance novel (wait for it):

9. This book opener:

10. This bargain:

11. This grocery ad:

12. This caption:

13. This receipt:

14. This chyron:!a883f81a905e05543122508db28c83a5

15. These signs:

(Snopes says this is real.)

(Snopes says this is real.)

16. This come-hither sign:

17. This ad:

18. This menu offering:

19. This church bulletin:

20. This recipe:

21. This headline:

22. This Tom Daley Instagram fail:

23. This tribute went awry:

24. This weather forecast:

25. This regrettable error:

26. This irony:

27. This Mitt Romney app:

28. This yearbook ad:

29. This really awful real estate ad:

30. This Sesame Street caption:

31. #6:

32. This George W. Bush-ian slip:

33. This:

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