The 27 Most Relatable Jessica Day Quotes

Because you should just be your own character on New Girl already. Come on.

1. When someone gives you the side eye:

2. When you see a hottie with a body:

3. Every time you reject someone:

4. When the server brings your dinner:

5. When you sell something on Craigslist:

6. After you see a Ryan Gosling movie:

7. Introducing yourself to someone new:

8. When your high school friend gushes about her “hubby” on Facebook:

10. After literally anything happens:

11. When someone throws shade:

12. At least 12 times a day:

14. You and your BFF:

15. You when your roommate gets home:

16. You constantly:

17. When you’re drunk with your friends:

18. Even though you’re in denial, you know:

20. When you quit anything:

21. On those days where you don’t have to leave the house:

22. What you think about anytime you’re sad:

23. Because you always feel like:

24. When you decide to day drink:

25. When you consider turning a friendship into something more:

26. When you read something WRONG on the internet:

27. When someone asks you about your crush:

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