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The 23 Worst Things About Living In New York City In The Summer

These streets will make you feel brand n — WHAT THE HELL JUST DRIPPED ON ME??

1. The various topnotes of the hot garbage smell...

2. ...exacerbated by the stench coming from the street puddles that never dry, even in 90-degree weather.

3. For ladies, the dreaded "boob sweat."

4. FOMO from your friends' beach Instagrams.

5. Having to wash your dirty feet in the sink after wearing flip-flops.

6. Going to the park since it's so nice out and realizing the whole city had the same idea.

7. Waiting for the subway and feeling like you are going to DIE.

8. Then getting on the one subway car without air-conditioning and almost passing out against the pole.

9. Showing up to work with a sweat-stache.

10. Not being able to make any food because turning on your stove or oven turns your apartment into a burning hellscape.

11. Stinky clouds of hot meat air wafting off the street carts.

12. Rooftop bars are awesome, but insanely crowded.

13. Having to wear next to nothing on your commute because it's SO FREAKIN' HOT...

14. ...but then freezing in the office because the AC is on the "arctic chill" setting.

15. Iced coffee is more expensive than hot coffee.

16. Soooo many tourists that make the heat seem worse.

17. Either having no air-conditioning at all...

18. ...or only having it in your bedroom, so the bathroom is like a sauna.

19. "Is that liquid that just dripped on me rain, air conditioner condensation, or pee?"

20. Not having the desire or money to go the Hamptons, but feeling weird pressure to go anyway.

21. Figuring out how to buy one of these and get it to your apartment:

22. ...and then trying to install it without it falling out the window.

23. B.O. on the subway, in cabs, and everywhere.

But just when you think you've had enough of this sweaty dump, you catch one gorgeous view from a sunny rooftop, and suddenly it all seems worth it.