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    The 14 Most Important Teen "Promposals" Of All Time

    Thank you, teens, for everything.

    1. The public twerking promposal.

    2. The CSI promposal.

    3. The "fake game of Draw Something" promposal.

    4. The "using your after-school job creatively" promposal.

    5. The "ply her first with a One Direction flash mob" promposal.

    6. The "dancing sexily to a Backstreet Boys song" promposal.

    7. The tons of balloons/locker-writing promposal.

    8. The shirtless in front of the whole school promposal.

    9. The "give some bros some pom-poms" promposal.

    10. The "ask her out over the loudspeaker during practice" promposal.

    11. The "fill her locker with a zillion Ping-Pong balls" promposal.

    12. The "Harlem Shake" promposal.

    13. The "she won't say no to bare-chested dudes" promposal.

    14. The Photo Booth promposal.