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21 Pictures That Sum Up Working In Retail

The customer is always right! *forced smile*

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1. This daily struggle.

2. When someone tries to be friendly:

3. That 8:58 p.m. feeling.

4. And that 9:01 p.m. feeling:

5. When a customer refuses to believe that "everything we have is out."

6. Because, would know about it.

7. Working an open:

8. The jaunt:

9. This:

10. This:

11. When your "mental health day" is already booked:

12. When someone tries to play like you're old friends:


14. This:

15. When your manager told you to start being "friendlier":

16. When your squad stops by:

17. This:

18. This brief moment of joy:

19. And this awkward one:

20. Every October:

21. And when you spot the first glimpse of freedom:

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