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21 Hilarious Pokémon Go Memes

Ugh, not another Weedle.

1. Realizing you're sooo behind.

2. And you'll do WHATEVER it takes to catch more.

3. Making new friends.

4. As long as they don't come for your gym.

5. Gotta have that extra battery.

6. Watching your sweet, sweet 30 minutes go down the tubes.

7. When you're low-key just trying to fill your Pokédex.

8. The fact that this game came out in freakin' JULY.

9. Checking in on your incubator.

10. When you saw the leaves. THE LEAVES WERE THERE.

11. Putting "makes a LOT of nice throws" on your résumé.

12. Getting your hopes up.

13. And when you get kicked out AGAIN.

14. Getting some exercise for once.

15. Chasing down your faves.

16. Suddenly being outside for no damn reason.

17. When you take a little detour for, like, an hour.

18. The thirst. You know the one.

19. When a Pokémon shows up somewhere crazy.

20. When your parents have no idea what you're doing.

21. And when you just can't stop playing. CAN'T. STOP.

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