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The New Burrito Emoji Is Problematic


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wfa [2:03 PM] re the burrito emoji

wfa [2:03 PM] it's not a burrito

wfa [2:03 PM] it's a wrap

wfa [2:04 PM] or else it's a burrito with an x-ray view

wfa [2:04 PM] it looks kinda like a hot dog

jessmisener [2:04 PM] yeah

jessmisener [2:04 PM] there is filling coming out of both ends

brendanklinkenberg [2:05 PM] it's a good illustration of a burrito

wfa [2:05 PM] it's a horrible illustration

wfa [2:06 PM] it's what someone who had never seen a burrito before would draw

brendanklinkenberg [2:06 PM] doing it correctly wouldn't look like anything

brendanklinkenberg [2:06 PM] this at least shows what it is

brendanklinkenberg [2:06 PM] it's a representation not a photo

wfa [2:07 PM] i…. cant believe you think that b dang

rial [2:07 PM] it's a microwavable burrito

wfa [2:07 PM] even microwave burritos are nicely swaddled

brendanklinkenberg [2:07 PM] it would just be a beige oval

wfa [2:07 PM] and not spilling out every which way

brendanklinkenberg [2:07 PM] if you didnt show what was inside

rial [2:07 PM] right i mean look at the attention they gave to the fried shrimp

brendanklinkenberg [2:08 PM] will has informed me

brendanklinkenberg [2:08 PM] which he is correct about

brendanklinkenberg [2:08 PM] that it would be a cylinder, not an oval

brendanklinkenberg [2:08 PM] my point still stands

rial [2:08 PM] i think it's a breakfast burrito

wfa [2:08 PM] but like…. the emoji council has not shied away from ambiguity in the past

wfa [2:09 PM] why be so pedantic now?

rial [2:09 PM] it looks like taco bell

rial [2:09 PM] it ~feels~ like taco bell

brendanklinkenberg [2:09 PM] i think that usually they're ambiguous, not meaningless

brendanklinkenberg [2:09 PM] no one would know that's a burrito

wfa [2:09 PM] people would know

wfa [2:09 PM] does this look like a butt 🍑

wfa [2:10 PM] people just know

brendanklinkenberg [2:10 PM] that's cultural

brendanklinkenberg [2:10 PM] unicode didn't make that happen

rial [2:12 PM] do u think it's an old el paso kind that came out of the box

wfa [2:13 PM] yeah or a burrito in the process of being wrapped

wfa [2:13 PM] that someone accidentally overstuffed and kind of gave up on wrapping

rial [2:13 PM] maybe it's supposed to be a sad burrito

brendanklinkenberg [2:14 PM] guys, it's not about what kind of burrito it is, just that you know it's a burrito when you look at it

rial [2:15 PM] why are the beans on the outside

brendanklinkenberg [2:15 PM] saying it's the wrong kind of burrito would be like looking at a cave painting and saying "that doesn't look anything like a horse"

brendanklinkenberg [2:15 PM] or w/e they paint on caves

brendanklinkenberg [2:15 PM] all that matters is you recognize it as a burrito

rial [2:15 PM] i'm just saying give it the attention given to the single fried shrimp

wfa [2:15 PM] i actually dont recongize it at all

wfa [2:15 PM] it looks like a wrap

brendanklinkenberg [2:16 PM] you SERIOUSLY thought "oh, there's a wrap emoji now"

rial [2:16 PM] or a gyro

wfa [2:17 PM] tbh it looks like a chili dog

brendanklinkenberg [2:17 PM] no it doesn't

  1. What do you think about the new burrito emoji?

    Totally clutch.

The New Burrito Emoji Is Problematic

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What do you think about the new burrito emoji?
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    Totally clutch.
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(The new emoji will be released on iOS later this year; they're available today to people with a paid Apple Developer log-in.)


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