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    19 Of The Best Things That Ever Happened In A Grocery Store

    Running your errands isn't always so bad.

    1. When one store sold just the best part of the Lucky Charms.

    2. And a DIY breakfast bundle with everything you need.

    3. This pun-filled cheese department.

    4. This one that sells you a roadie for your shopping trip.

    5. This store that lets you pick your own mushrooms.

    6. This Whole Foods that has a BAR.

    7. The placement of this sticker:

    8. This store that has LIVE BEES making you honey.

    Talk about apiary-to-table.

    9. This one that knows exactly where you should go for everything you need. 😉

    10. This one that has a live jazz trio to serenade you while you pick out avocados.

    11. This Dutch store that sells you a guac "pakket."

    12. This store that has your needs all figured out.

    13. This important seasonal item.

    14. These tubs of, well, you know.

    15. This combo that's basically everything you need to smuggle into the movie theater.

    16. Mitch Hedberg jokes.

    17. This German market that sells Captain and cola all ready to go.

    18. This signage.

    19. And this perfect row of tea.

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