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21 Cakes That Failed So Hard They Almost Triumphed

At least they tried.

1. Seriously??

2. Tom, you might want to see a doctor ASAP.

3. Hopefully no one let Marc actually look at this.

4. Did Alex and James graduate school?

5. Same tbh.

6. At least we know the photo is in the public domain?

7. What great mmories!

8. It does pass spell-check.

9. "Aaaaaand...DONE." —this cake decorator

10. The lawn must have looked REALLY great.

11. Maybe Elsa just loves to code?

12. Wait a second.

13. Travis is really killing it these days.

14. Tapping your feet to that sweet beat.

15. So much enthusiasm!

16. I mean.

17. This makes sense.

18. Hey, you: Your colon is really lookin' sharp.

19. Someone is throwing Sasha major shade (or praise?).

20. This is what the queen sent people in the 1800s.

21. Ha Ha Ha.