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    21 Things That Could Definitely Only Happen At Stanford

    Meanwhile, down on The Farm...

    1. People studying at a basketball game...

    2. ...and a football game...

    3. ...and at the gym.

    4. Someone building a geodesic dome on their lawn.

    5. This person trying to track down a stolen painting of broccoli sex.

    6. A Disneyland project meeting.

    7. This student's reaction to getting "unassigned" to a dorm.

    8. This sidewalk graffiti.

    9. Romance:

    10. A Tesla casually pulling up to a football tailgate.

    11. This very nerdy skywriting.

    12. Running into some guy at the coffee shop.

    13. This Yik Yak:

    14. And this one.

    15. The band having a ~surplus~ of cowbell.

    16. ...and playing to a rare 4/20 time signature.

    17. This moment:

    18. This meme retort.

    19. A robot security drone (who is kind of adorable).


    21. And shirtless gazillionaires just chilling.