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21 Things That Will Make You Say "Ohhhhhh, That's Smart"

So smart.

1. This fitted sheet that has tags indicating which way it goes on your bed.

2. This city sign that tells you if construction projects have gone over time and budget.

3. This pen that rests in a sponge filled with sanitizer so it's not covered in germs.

4. This simulated night sky on a red-eye flight.

5. This bag that has corners torn out so a pizza can sit flat in it.

6. This shower that has the showerhead and temperature dials on opposite sides so you don't get sprayed in the face trying to change it.

7. This brilliant way to keep your beans from tainting your taco.

8. These dog treats that come with a phone clip to get your dog to actually look at the camera.

9. This soap gun that lets you shoot your car with suds while you're waiting inside at the car wash.

10. This dressing room that has labeled hooks.

11. This hotel bathroom that has a heated part of the mirror so it doesn't fog up during your shower.

12. This store that lets you choose if you want help from the staff or if you want them to leave you alone.

13. This laptop that comes with a webcam cover.

14. This vending machine with school supplies in it.

15. This area to drain leftover liquids before you throw out your cup.

16. This shower handle that shows the temperature of the water.

17. This grocery store that sells misshapen fruit and veggies at a discount.

18. This guacamole kit.

19. This toilet system that shows you a map of which ones are vacant.

20. This plug that has a hole for your finger.

21. And these socks that come with a zippered pocket to store stuff in.