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You'll Want To Send All These Comics To Your Boyfriend Immediately

Is there a Nobel Prize for accuracy?

Have you ever sent something you saw online to your significant other and said, "OMG, this is so us!!"?

Like, "No, seriously, how do they KNOW ABOUT US? Are they secretly watching us from a hidden camera??"


Catana Chetwynd draws comics of herself and her boyfriend, John, that illustrate all the adorable things about their relationship. And probably yours, too, because they're hella relatable.

In the series, and in real life, John likes Catana, and Catana is always freezing. They are very much in love.

Her work illustrates those everyday moments in relationships, like coming back from a Target shopping spree feeling fly.

Or sharing a bed.

Or texting each other emojis throughout the day.

Or talking to other couples at parties.

Or, you know, the trap that is the Instagram Explore tab.

Chetwynd tells BuzzFeed she only started doing her comics last year.

"John and I have an amazing, romantic, fantastically silly relationship, and we realized just how many other amazing romantic silly couples there were out there that could relate!" Chetwynd said.

Some of her comics are flirty...

And others are just really, really cute.

Chetwynd said that since her comics started going viral, she's gotten a lot of letters from fans who say her work has helped their own relationships improve.

"My favorite responses are the messages from fans that say that we have helped their relationships," she said. "A lot of people say it helps remind them to be silly and flirty with their significant other when times get a little rocky."

"We never would've guessed that a comic series could be any help to anyone, but I am amazed at how many messages I've gotten proclaiming just that. We truly think that that's awesome and we LOVE getting those messages."

Whether it's your tried and true strategy for winning arguments...

Or one person's very lengthy shower time.

It's the little moments that count.

Follow Catana's comics on Instagram and Facebook to see more! (There are way more.)