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25 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Start Eating Right

FACT: Kale is actually delicious.

1. First of all, you have so much more energy now that you've cut out the junk.

The 3 p.m. slump is a thing of the past.

2. You actually eat A LOT.

You just make better choices about what you're eating in the first place.

3. You're losing extra weight without exercising a ton.

Which is always welcome!

4. Drinking water is something you look forward to.

It feels so good to be hydrated! Also, it's free.

5. You get to try cool new foods you never thought you'd like.

Zucchini "noodles" may come with dubious scare quotes, but they're actually quite delicious.

6. You've discovered the soothing joy of cooking at home.

Chopping garlic is WAY more relaxing than hitting the McDonald's drive-thru.

7. Portion control gets easier, because healthy food fills you up faster than junk.

Empty carbs just never really *satisfy* you, you know?

8. You've become the master of making smoothies.

They're filling AND portable, and you can dump pretty much anything in the blender.

9. Your skin starts to look AMAZING.

10. You've learned to actually LIKE vegetables.

11. Some of your other health problems clear up.

The power of clean eating can really give your whole body a tune-up. Hooray!

12. You save money.

Avoiding takeout, bringing your own food to the movies, and skipping Starbucks can really add up.

13. You're not fazed by your friends' attempts to tempt you with ice cream.

14. You get to invest in awesome kitchen equipment.

Fancy knives? An avocado slicer? A Vitamix?? Yes, you earned it.

15. Eating seasonally is good for you — and for the environment.

Plus, you're always eating tasty produce instead of months-old frozen shriveled raspberries.

16. Tupperware. Tupperware EVERYWHERE.

17. Your mental clarity is so much sharper.

You realized refined flour —or something else — made you feel foggy, and you've been so much more on top of things ever since you 86ed it.

18. You don't even miss drinking soda.

You'll spend your calories in funner ways, thank you.

19. Things are, uh, more regular in the bathroom.

Keeping your body movin' makes all the difference.

20. You want to tell everyone about your new favorite foods.

But seriously, kale is life-changing.

21. You feel strong and victorious every time you resist the urge to snack.

I see you, Wheat Thins, and I will not respond to you.

22. Your co-workers make fun of the healthy lunches and snacks you bring.

Whatever. Let them have fun with their Doritos.

23. Fruit for dessert is really pretty tasty.

And it doesn't slow you down like a huge bowl of ice cream does.

24. Sure, sometimes you're like, "I NEED A CUPCAKE RIGHT THIS SECOND."

25. But even if you splurge every now and then, you're determined to keep your healthy eating going, because you're a whole new you!