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13 Things That Happen To Vegetarians On Thanksgiving

In heaven you get an endless bowl of mashed potatoes.

1. Someone will say, "Oh, vegetarians still eat turkey, right?"

2. People will be confused about how you're totally fine eating a big plate of side dishes.

3. You will feel bad asking if the stuffing is made with chicken or vegetable broth.

4. ...and you'll inevitably offend someone by not eating their meat-containing potluck offering.

5. You will eat A LOT of mashed potatoes.

Not that you're complaining.

6. You'll probably end up having the healthiest meal of everyone there.

7. ...Not that that'll spare you from Tofurky jokes.

8. Your mom will remind everyone that "[Your name] is a vegetarian," and your dad will joke about you eating rabbit food.

9. You'll feel a little guilty for taking so much of the side dishes.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 83052216@N00

10. One of your relatives will try to convince you to try meat, because:

11. You'll probably have too many rolls.

12. People will be waiting for your "turkey is HOMICIDE" speech.

They'll be waiting a looooong time.

13. Luckily, the most important things at the table DON'T have meat in them:

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