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23 Small Moments Every Girl Looks Forward To

*Takes off tights, has When Harry Met Sally deli moment*


2. Seeing all the gross makeup that was on your face on your makeup remover wipe.

3. When you tweeze out a hair and get the little white hair follicle bulb at the end.

4. Peeling off your nail polish in one sheet.

5. Realizing when you're in the shower that yesterday's leg-shaving will last another day.

6. Inspecting the blackhead gunk on your Biore Pore Strip.

7. When your high-waisted jeans keep your butt warm.

8. Waking up and realizing the ponytail you slept in has turned into cool tousled beach waves.

9. When your period ends right before you leave for vacation.

10. Getting home and peeling off your skinny jeans.

11. Hearing just the perfect Taylor Swift/Beyoncé/Megadeth song when you're PMSing.

12. Realizing you're NOT spotting.

13. Being able to paint your nails on your dominant hand.

14. Wearing your oldest and comfiest pair of underwear during your period.

15. Getting into bed right after you shave your legs and rubbing them against the sheets.

16. That moment when you take off your heels and your foot hits the ground on level.

17. Finding a tampon in one of your old purses just when you need one.

18. Sneezing on your period and NOT having an explosion.

19. When you wear a vivid lipstick and it manages to stay decent-looking for at least a small duration of time.

20. Taking out a tight braid or ponytail.

21. When your dry shampoo actually works.

22. Watching the dead skin get sloughed off your heel during a pedicure.

23. And of course: