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19 Mind-Blowing Secrets About Products You Use All The Time


1. All Froot Loops are the same flavor and taste the same.


2. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are just melamine sponges.

3. You only need ONE Alka-Seltzer tablet.

4. That wasabi you're eating is almost definitely just horseradish and food coloring.

Real wasabi is freakishly expensive, so outside of Japan, most "wasabi" consists of ground-up horseradish, mustard, and green dye.

5. Baby carrots are just regular carrots that are peeled down and cut into adorable nubbins.

6. Staplers have two settings: the normal one that binds your pages together and a second setting that loosely "pins" your pages.

7. Nutella and Ferrero Rocher are made by the same company.

Ohhhhhhh, that makes sense. However, "the crème filling of Rocher is chocolate and hazelnut but it is not actually Nutella," the company tells BuzzFeed.

8. Lysol used to be marketed as a vaginal refresher.

9. Oreos copied Hydrox, not the other way around.

10. One of Mountain Dew's primary ingredients is orange juice concentrate.

11. If you blowtorch Pepto-Bismol, it'll turn to metal.

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The active ingredient in it is bismuth, which will turn into a metal oxide when it encounters fire. (It also turns your poop black, giving you the most metal poop of all the poops.)

12. Coconut water can be used as a replacement for blood plasma in medical emergencies.

13. In-N-Out items have different Bible verses hidden on the bottoms of their wrappers.

14. You only need a pea-sized ball of toothpaste, not the large strip you see in toothpaste commercials.

15. Pepsi usually wins the Pepsi challenge because it's sweeter than Coke and people prefer the more sugary taste when taking a single sip.

16. Unilever's official position is that Q-tips are only supposed to clean your OUTER ears (not go inside your ear canal).

17. Ben and Jerry's has chunks in it because co-founder Ben Cohen has no sense of smell and needed texture to get the full ice cream experience.

18. A "portobello mushroom" is just a mature cremini mushroom.

19. Double Stuf Oreos, on average, only have 1.86 times the filling of a normal Oreo.