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19 Mind-Blowing Secrets About Products You Use All The Time


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2. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are just melamine sponges.

You can buy generic ones in bulk on Amazon for fairly cheap.

3. You only need ONE Alka-Seltzer tablet.

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That's right: a "plop fizz" is just as effective as a "plop plop fizz fizz," but of course, selling you two means more revenue for Alka-Seltzer. The antacid debuted in the 1930s in the form of a one-tablet dose, but a marketing executive decided to show two tablets plopping delightfully into water in a 1960s commercial, and the rest is history.


6. Staplers have two settings: the normal one that binds your pages together and a second setting that loosely "pins" your pages.


9. Oreos copied Hydrox, not the other way around.

Hydrox was created in 1908, four years before Nabisco debuted the Oreo. Flummoxed by Nabisco's larger marketing efforts, Kellogg's, which had bought the cookie as part of Keebler, stopped making Hydrox cookies in the late 2000s.

11. If you blowtorch Pepto-Bismol, it'll turn to metal.

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The active ingredient in it is bismuth, which will turn into a metal oxide when it encounters fire. (It also turns your poop black, giving you the most metal poop of all the poops.)

12. Coconut water can be used as a replacement for blood plasma in medical emergencies.

It's been used to provide intravenous relief to dehydration patients.


13. In-N-Out items have different Bible verses hidden on the bottoms of their wrappers.

Soda cup: John 3:16

Milkshake cup: Proverbs 3:5

Burger wrappers: Revelation 3:20

"Double-Double" wrapper: Nahum 1:7

French fry holder: Proverbs 24:16

The verses reflect the Christian beliefs of the Snyder family, who founded the fast food chain.

14. You only need a pea-sized ball of toothpaste, not the large strip you see in toothpaste commercials.

Toothpaste companies are — surprise! — trying to get you to use more product than you need, but dentists say you only need a pea-sized dab on there. Using too much toothpaste can even potentially cause damage to your teeth.

15. Pepsi usually wins the Pepsi challenge because it's sweeter than Coke and people prefer the more sugary taste when taking a single sip.

New Coke, a sweeter version of Coke, was Coke's failed attempt to rival Pepsi's sweet victory. Malcolm Gladwell argues in his book Blink that people prefer a less sweet beverage when they are drinking a whole can.

16. Unilever's official position is that Q-tips are only supposed to clean your OUTER ears (not go inside your ear canal).


It might feel SO GOOD to clean out your earwax with one, but 1) earwax is important for your body's immune system, and 2) Q-tips can make things worse by causing wax impaction and, even scarier, damage to your eardrum.


19. Double Stuf Oreos, on average, only have 1.86 times the filling of a normal Oreo.