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30 Of The Absolute Cutest Riley Curry Moments

MVP of being adorable.

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1. When she and her dad both had the cutest hair.

2. When she changed that Big Sean song f o r e v e r.

5. That time she scored the sweetest kicks.

6. When some guy got her a cute playhouse.

7. When she was the happiest, smiley-est baby.

8. And her first game of hide and seek.

9. When her sunglasses matched her nail polish and she looked fresher than all of us.

11. When she had the VIP-est of VIP seats for the game.

16. And the second time.

17. When she perfected the family portrait pose.

19. When she became the hottest new meme.

This year is her year... #RileyCurry takes over everything.

20. And again.

Funniest one yet 😂😂 #rileycurry


21. And again.

Waaayyy up, i feel bwessed 😂 #RileyCurry

23. That time she met a chicken.

24. When she made duckface look totally precious.

26. When her accessories game was on point.

27. When she needed bracelet help, just like the rest of us.

29. And when she actually got paparazzi'ed (by the 76ers' Joel Embiid).

30. And of course, even though no one can top her, when she was super ready to be a big sister.