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    Remember When Chris Brown Was On "The O.C."?

    I do. Yes, this is real life.

    It's true. Way back in 2007, Chris appeared on season four of "The O.C." as Will Tutt, a lonely band geek who befriends Kaitlin Cooper.

    (He first appears in episode nine, "The Two Dads.")

    Regarding his role, Chris said at the time, "I play, like, a band geek -- I'm really stepping out of my own character. I was kind of a geek in school, grade-wise. But style-wise, I was always popular and cool."

    He played the drums on the show. Or, the drum, I guess.

    First they flirt during class.

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    Then they have a study date and according to Kaitlin, "made out" and "went to second."

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    Then she cedes him to Lucy, a band girl who's totally in love with him.

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    Okay, palate cleanser: guess who else was on season four of "The O.C."? Chris Pratt!

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