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21 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Grad School

In a complicated relationship with: your thesis.

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1. Achieving work-life balance.

2. Chasing your thesis topic.

When your research comes to a dead end

3. The job market right now.

4. Waiting for your sweet, sweet student loans.

5. Sweet for now, anyway.

6. Dating.

Listen. 😂😂 #homebodyproblems #reallowkey #schoolworkhome #starbucksonoccasion #gradschoolproblems

7. Your bookshelf.

8. When someone interrupts your library time.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Grad School

9. Your robust social life.

10. Enjoying your coursework!

11. "Touch base" check-ins with your adviser.

12. Two words: conference prep.

13. The students in your teaching section.

Dealing with overly enthusiastic undergrads #whydidigo

14. Oops.

When you don't read for class and your professor calls on you to discuss an article


16. Gonna go

17. Netflix and chill, grad school edition:

18. Winter break.

19. And your thesis in general.

20. When your friends ask you advice on whether they should apply.

Trying to figure out if you need to go to grad school? Ask yourself these questions first. #gradschoolprob

21. And explaining your job to kids.

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