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    29 Photos That Prove Punctuation Is VERY Important

    Remember: Commas are your friends.

    1. This important notice.

    2. This hospital note.

    3. This Burger King sign.

    4. This church banquet.

    5. Brittney's wild night.

    6. This plea for help.

    7. Danny, who got appropriately owned.

    8. This amazing medical marvel.

    9. This chyron.

    10. This.

    11. This Thai menu.

    12. This breakfast gone weird.

    13. This status update.

    14. This great need for a comma.

    15. This notice.

    16. This license to party.

    17. This sign.

    18. This rule.

    19. This post in need of a period.

    20. Paula's motto.

    21. This beer koozie.

    22. This notice.

    23. This sign, which needs AT LEAST a line break.

    24. This news alert.

    25. THIS.

    26. This desperate call for a question mark.

    27. This truck sticker.

    28. This.

    29. And this.

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