Proof Han Solo Is Actually Your Ex-Boyfriend

♫ Flew me to places I’d never been. ♫

1. He was constantly broke.

2. He was always gone on business trips.

3. His wardrobe was a little… repetitive.

4. He spent all day with his best friend doing god knows what.

5. Sometimes he was just so… cold.

6. Anytime you asked him to do something:

7. He never wanted to just *talk.*

8. Sometimes he would get you into these totally garbage situations.

9. He liked to spend way too much time in his man cave.

10. He was way too obsessed with his crappy car.

11. He was constantly getting in trouble at work.

12. He thought his hair looked sooooooo cool.

13. Because it was alllllll about him.

14. Ugh, he could be so immature sometimes.

16. He thought he was SO clever.

17. He was way too into his video games.

18. He had a teensy bit of an anger problem.

19. Some of his friends acted like real animals.

20. When you said “I love you,” he said something jerky, and you kind of liked it but it was still jerky.

21. Sure, he was kind of charming…

22. …but when you broke up, he never really changed, and he’s still pretty much the same character.

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