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    Proof Chester A. Arthur Pimped It Harder Than You

    Nicknamed "The Dude President," America's 21st prez was actually a total baller.

    1. SIZZURP ON THE SLY: The walnut desk Arthur used when he was quartermaster general of New York state during the Civil War had hidden slotted side compartments that held a few cases of wine.

    2. LIKE A BOSS: As president (1881-85), Arthur reportedly arrived late, enjoyed long lunches, and regularly took three-day weekends.

    3. COUTURE-LEVEL FLOW: Arthur reportedly owned 80+ pairs of trousers and changed pants several times a day.

    4. HISTORY CHANNEL CRIBS: He redecorated the White House to look more "French."

    5. WHAT'S THAT JACKET: After winning the vice presidency in 1880, Arthur famously celebrated by purchasing more than $700 (the equivalent of $15,000 today) in blazers and suits during a Brooks Brothers shopping spree.

    6. BACK TO MY BEYONCES: As he took office a widower, Arthur rapidly became Washington's most eligible bachelor, and his social life became the subject of many rumors. Four young women reportedly proposed to Arthur on his last day in office.

    7. CATFISH FRIED UP: His favorite meal was mutton chops paired with a glass of ale. A friend said he "could carry a great deal of wine and liquor without any manifest effect other than greater variety of speech."

    8. CALL THE PAPARAZZI ON MYSELF: Like a true baller, Chester A. Arthur told nosy journalists who inquired about his lady stable: "I may be president of the United States, but my private life is nobody's damned business."

    9. And finally, look at that facial hair. DAAAAANG.

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