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27 Professors Who Got The Last Laugh

Thankfully, you can get a Ph.D. in IDGAF.

1. This guy who'd had enough:

2. This one:

3. This professor who taught his entire class this way.

4. And this way.

5. This biology prof's office sign:

6. This clever signage.

7. This physics professor and her thermostat hack.

8. The one who hung this on her bulletin board.

9. This teacher's very effective anti-cheating method.

10. This prof who linked to a "solutions manual" online...

...which led to a Rickroll.

11. This one who gets in character when it's important.

12. This honest essay grader.

13. This econ professor who knows what's up.

14. And this one.

15. This teacher who didn't sweat the small stuff.

16. This prof who read his RateMyProfessor out loud.

17. The creator of this flawlessly executed dad joke.

18. The film professor who tweeted this.

19. This prof who saw no need to waste money on a silly laser pointer.

20. This teacher who feels your pain.

21. Whoever thought up this brilliant geometry mnemonic.

22. This expert troller.

23. The philosophy professor who summed it all up with this.

24. This prof who knows his way around Twitter.

25. The one who wrote this multiple-choice test.

26. This:

27. And when everyone just decides to stop giving a fuck.

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