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    21 Beauty Products Every '00s Girl Probably Forgot About

    Hit me (with that Gap Dream) baby one more time.

    1. Urban Decay edible body powders.

    Urban Decay

    Remember when: those little leopard print puffs made you feel so dainty?

    2. Thermasilk shampoo.


    Remember when: the popular girls at your school bragged about using this? (And how weird it seems now for shampoo to be cool.)

    3. Lancome Juicy Tubes

    Remember when: you wanted your lips to look as SHINY AND STICKY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, even though your hair would then get stuck in them?

    4. Sarah Michaels bath products.

    Remember when: you got these for every birthday and holiday?

    5. Those "plumping" lip glosses that made your lips feel like death.

    Remember when: these stung like the fire of a thousand hell wasps, and your lips looked no different?

    6. Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume.

    Aquolina / Via

    Remember when: nothing was sexier to teen you than smelling like a giant tuft of cotton candy?

    7. Jessica Simpson's Dessert line.

    Getty / Scott Gries

    Remember when: these seemed so scandalous (and when Jessica and Nick were still married)?

    8. Candy Kisses lip balm.

    Remember when: these were so delicious you wanted to scoop out all the goo from the tin and eat it?

    9. Hair mascara.

    Remember when: it NEVER looked like the picture in the ad, and it always left neon pink clumps in your hair that were impossible to remove?

    10. The big Chi straightener with the velvet pads.

    Remember when: it started steaming and you were worried your hair was actually on fire?

    11. Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers perfume.

    Remember when: all the cool girls in your middle school smelled like this?

    12. Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume.

    Marc Jacobs

    Remember when: ...and all the cool girls in your high school smelled like THIS? (Also, the kind of creepy ads?)

    13. Victoria's Secret lotions in Pear Glace and Vanilla Lace.

    Remember when: you said you went into VS to try these on, but mostly you just wanted to gawk at lingerie?

    14. Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner.


    Remember when: everyone wanted their eyes to scream, "HELLO I'M AVRIL LAVIGNE"?

    15. L'Oreal Rouge Pulp lip gloss.

    Remember when: it got all thick and gloppy in the tube as time went on, but you were still like, "No, this looks great"?

    16. Maybelline Express Finish nail polish.


    Remember when: Christy Turlington gave you high hopes, but you still smudged your blue nails every. damn. time?

    17. Tony & Tina Makeup

    Remember when: you had all of the little space-themed eyeshadow pots?

    18. Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker.


    Remember when: Sex and the City ended and you were in serious Carrie withdrawal, but this helped?

    19. Bon Bons tiny nail polishes.

    Remember when: you couldn't help buying 13 of these from those racks at the end of the drugstore aisle?

    20. Gap Dream perfume.


    Remember when: you were so sad when they discontinued it?

    21. Revlon Street Wear nail polish.

    Remember when: you learned your first lesson about how hard it is to remove glitter nail polish?