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23 Pictures That Will Make Your Full Body Cringe

It hurts. IT HURTS.

1. Steve Hitchin's username.

2. The placement of this bush.

3. This tattoo placement.

4. This mixup.

5. This sermon typo.

6. The placement of this shadow.

7. Whatever happened to this person.

8. This sticker location.

9. This newspaper fold.

10. This license plate purchased by a big Bob Dylan fan.

11. This sign burnout.

12. This email subject line.

13. This Timehop text.

14. This yearbook photo cropping.

15. This logo placement.

16. How this flower design turned out.

17. This typo.

18. This headline–photo combination.

19. This Hanes ad.

20. The way this tea towel hangs.

21. This vinyl placement.

22. This pair of headlines.

23. And this sticker.

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