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The 35 Most Berkeley Things That Have Ever Happened

Never change, Berzerkley.

1. This vagitarian RV.

2. This Tibetan prayer flags caution tape.

3. This Beyoncé sign:

4. This ad for a "very special" missing drum.

5. And this person who lost their tree.

#BringTallulahHome!! RT @ayytaytay: A missing tree...only in berkeley

6. This sidewalk graffiti.

7. This skate ramp.

8. This newspaper.

9. The tree fraternity.

10. This anti-smoking campaign.

11. This:

12. This guy.

13. Non-denominational chai.

14. This:

15. A tightrope-walking grandma:

16. This person who's desperately seeking juice.

17. This protesting Christmas tree.

18. The typewriter manifesto.

19. This Jungian truck:

20. This scary Halloween decor.

21. This rebellious thinktank:

22. This:

23. The meditative plumber:

24. The frog-saving center.

25. This receipt:

26. This event:

27. This sign.

28. And this one.

29. This act of vandalism.

30. This lamp at Hotel Durant.

31. This cloud car that matches its home:

32. This family outing:

So Berkeley. You can't see, but the couple is walking a potbellied pig on a leash underneath that giant octopus.

33. This drink:

34. This delicious dessert:

35. And this carnival game: